Ball Gown Style (Hoop Skirt)

Ball Gowns are a type of evening dress worn to a ball or a formal event. Most versions are cut off the shoulder with a low décolletage, exposed arms, and long bouffant styled skirts. Ball Gown dresses will always have a full skirt and a fitted bodice

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Cream Off-Shoulder Belted "Lace Up Back" Evening Dress

Beautiful, elegant evening dress.Fits sizes Medium to Large since the "Lace Up Back" style is adjust..

R1,999.00 R1,599.00

Grey Billowy "Vintage" Evening Dress

Stunning Exclusive Grey DressSize 32. Dress not stretch...

R1,799.00 R899.00

Sheer Maroon & White Evening Dress

This stunning dress has a corset style method to secure the back. Fits Size 32 - 34..

R1,999.00 R1,499.00